Choosing A Tonneau Cover

If you own a ute, you might probably want to install a ute/tonneau cover. A tonneau cover helps cover your luggage from harsh weather conditions and at the same time offers privacy for your load. Here's what you need to know about the options you may come across and how to choose the one that meets your needs:

You Have Two Options: A Soft or Hard Tonneau Cover

You can either choose a soft or hard tonneau cover. Here are the four main factors that help you choose between the two options:

Size of Your Luggage

What kind of luggage do you frequently carry? Does it fit perfectly in the ute tray or is it higher than the tray? If it fits perfectly, you can either get a hard tonneau cover or a soft tonneau cover. If it surpasses the height of the ute tray, you can only choose a soft tonneau cover because it is flexible enough to wrap around the luggage; a standard hard ute tray cover is not flexible.


A hard tonneau cover offers more security than a soft tonneau cover. You, however, have to consider the size of your commodities before getting the hard tonneau cover. You might need it designed in a way that accommodates the size of your load.

Ease of Access

A hard tonneau cover can be automated to enhance ease of access, where you just have to press a button for the cover to open. With soft tonneau covers, it can be quite difficult to automate since a rope is used to fasten the soft ute cover onto your ute.


Hard tonneau covers are more durable than soft tonneau covers because the material of the soft tonneau cover might be more susceptible to harsh weather conditions and damage from sharp objects than that of hard tonneau covers.

Can You Choose Both Options?

At times, when you look at the different benefits of soft and hard tonneau covers, you might feel that it would be best if you had both options and exchange them as you wish. Is this possible? Yes, it is.

You can have the hard tonneau cover installed in such a way that you can easily detach it and replace it with a soft tonneau cover when needed. That way, if you are carrying a load with a higher height than the ute tray, you can change to a soft cover to enjoy flexibility and privacy.