Flat Top Trailers: What Are Your Options?

When it comes to transporting large equipment or heavy machinery, flat top trailers are among the best options to consider. They are easier to load compared to enclosed trailers, especially if you're moving freight with irregular shapes or considerably large items such as construction equipment, heavy machinery, or even automobiles. Worth noting, however, is that these trailers come in different types. And while they offer many benefits compared to other types of trailers, the type you choose can make all the difference when it comes to practicality and reliability. Therefore, here are four major types of flat top trailers you should know about.

Standard/Regular Flat Top Trailer

This is the most common type of flat top trailer you will come across. It has a rigid platform, made mainly from steel, onto which the cargo is loaded. It is ideal for moving freight, such as containers. While loading and unloading of cargo on this trailer usually require the use of cranes, the process itself tends to be easier. That's because your shipment can be loaded or unloaded from any side of the trailer, including the front, the rear or the sides.

Drop-Deck Flat Top Trailers

These trailers will come in handy when you're moving cargo over areas that have height restrictions, such as places with overhead powerlines, bridges or overpasses. These drop-deck flat top trailers are a modified version of the standard trailers. The bed or platform on these trailers drops lower than those on regular trailers to provide additional overhead clearance. They come in two primary options: single-drop and double-drop. The one you should choose depends on how much overhead clearance you need.

Tilt Flat Top Trailers

This type of flat-top trailer comes with a tilting mechanism. Unlike other trailers, the loading platform is connected to a hydraulic system that raises or lowers the bed during loading and unloading. It is one of the most practical and preferred ways to transport automobiles or even heavy moving machinery since no cranes are needed. Instead, the trailer can be tilted to allow the automobiles to be driven on or off the bed.

Extendable Flat Top Trailers

As the name implies, these trailers can be adjusted to accommodate extremely long items. They are ideal for transporting freight, such as steel tubing and framing. They offer flexibility compared to other types of flat top trailers because they can be reduced to the size of a standard flat top trailer or be extended for longer items to prevent any overhang during transit.

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