Three Planning Tips for Obtaining a Commercial Truck Licence

If you would like to begin a career in commercial transportation, you will need to obtain a heavy vehicle licence. This document will allow you to handle a truck legally and obtain employment from reputable companies and organisations. However, you should note that getting a truck licence requires a bit of time and preparation. Here are fundamental guidelines to help you plan for the successful acquisition of the licence.

Check the Requirements

The first step to getting your truck licence is understanding eligibility for the document. Keep in mind that there are different licence classes for commercial vehicles. Therefore, it is important to know the requirements for each. This information will allow you to choose the most appropriate for your career needs. Remember, once you obtain a specific licence class, you can drive any vehicle of the category below it. If you are a driver who has a car licence, you will be eligible to apply for a permit to drive a light rigid, medium rigid or heavy rigid truck. However, your experience as a driver will be a factor for the application. If you would like to handle heavier trucks like articulated or multi-combination vehicles, you will need to hold a rigid truck licence.

Sign Up for Training

It is important to apply for official training after confirming your eligibility for a specific licence class for driving a truck. Under normal circumstances, one should join a driving school. This option will provide more comprehensive knowledge and ensure that the learner is prepared for a career in the transportation industry. However, you can get training from any person who has an active licence for the type of truck that you would like to learn how to drive. If you do find your own trainer, ensure that you follow the legal requirements during the sessions. For instance, you might be required to display learner signs.

Plan for the Test

Finally, you will need to have a plan for your driving test. If you have signed up for lessons in a driving school with appropriate accreditation, you can make a booking for a competency assessment. This option is convenient because you will be allowed to choose a vehicle and your test schedule. The test will involve all aspects of the safe operation of commercial trucks in the licence class. If you intend to complete the competency assessment in the accredited organisation, you will be responsible for completing your application in your local government service centre.