3 Top Reasons you Need a Mechanic when Purchasing Used Cars

You have saved enough money, and now it is time to hit the dealer's lot for the car of your dreams. What do you do? Well, since you are about to spend your hard-earned cash, the last thing you want is to buy a lemon. For this reason, you must prepare well to ensure that you are buying a quality used car. Part of such preparation involves tagging a mechanic along. This is a step first time used car buyers take for granted. Don't do that. This article highlights why this is the case. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection

One of the first and most critical roles a mechanic plays when buying a used car is conducting a pre-purchase inspection. As their name suggests, used vehicles are pre-owned; therefore, they have several miles under their belts. Some of these cars might have mechanical problems that you are not aware of since you are not an expert. This is where a mechanic comes in handy because their years of experience enable them to identify problem areas. For instance, if a car has had its entire frame repaired, then that is a clear sign that it was involved in a major accident; hence, the vehicle cannot guarantee structural stability. A layperson may not notice this, especially if the used car has a fresh paint job. A qualified mechanic, on the other hand, will immediately spot the repairs and tell you whether the purchase is worth the risk. 

Estimate Repair Costs

Apart from stocking pre-owned cars that are still in excellent condition, some dealers also stock used cars that have slight mechanical problems. Cars in the latter group usually cost less, and you will be surprised that the vehicles do have a market. The vehicles are generally bought by customers that do not have enough cash and want to take their chances with repairs. If this is the route you want to take, then you must tag your mechanic along. The reason is that the mechanic will assess the extent of the damage or problem, then estimate the total cost you might have to spend on repairs. Once they are done, the mechanic will tell you whether the car is worth the time and money regarding repairs, or if you are better off buying a car in good condition. 

Negotiate on Your Behalf

If you are terrible at negotiating, then why bother? There is no need approaching a dealer knowing that you have a specific amount but cannot get the dealer to agree to your terms. Since professional mechanics have been in the game for a long time, some have perfected the art of negotiation. Therefore, find a good mechanic that can bargain, and have them pose as a friend or close relative. They will help you negotiate the right price for the used car you want. For instance, the mechanic might point out a few issues with the vehicle and use that to knock off a couple of hundred dollars from the asking price. In the end, you will leave the dealer's lot happy and with a used car you will love.