What You Should Know When Considering 4WD Fleet Hire

When hiring a 4WD vehicle for your off-road driving requirements, you should consider several things to ensure you choose the right vehicle. Here are some of them.

Ground Clearance and Type of Tyres

Rough terrain usually has rocks, vegetation, uneven surfaces, muddy areas, etc. Check the distance between the ground and the stomach of the 4WD vehicle (ground clearance). How big is the distance? Choose a vehicle that is high enough to avoid damaging the lower side of the car (if you encounter raised surfaces, the vehicle's stomach might get scraped).

You should also choose a vehicle with good tyres (tyres with deep treads that are tough enough to handle rough terrains). You can rest assured that a reputable 4WD fleet hire company will always have great tyres for its vehicles because it knows the kind of roads the tyres come in contact with.

Bull Bar

Do you need a bull bar? A bull bar protects you in case you hit something head-on. It is not uncommon to find animals crossing the road, especially on rough roads. An example is a kangaroo that hops across the road without warning. A bull bar also offers a mounting point for different things like extra lighting. If you need extra light, you might want to consider a 4WD vehicle fitted with extra headlights; this means it may also come with a bull bar.

What Happens in Case of Vehicle Breakdown?

Ask the 4WD fleet hire company what happens when you experience vehicle problems. Look for companies that have operators around different localities who can reach you quickly and swap out the vehicle or have it repaired. This is usually a precautionary cause of action because the vehicles are normally kept in great condition and are inspected and tested before release. However, if a company does not have a plan of action for when a breakdown or malfunction occurs, choose another.


Ensure you understand what you are liable for if you damage the vehicle. What are the fines and charges? It is also important to know the insurance details of the 4WD vehicle you are hiring. What kind of damage is covered? Do you also need to have insurance? The 4WD fleet hire company should be in a position to give you information on such matters.

Dos and Don'ts

When you are hiring a 4WD vehicle, you will, of course, sign an agreement. It mainly highlights the dos and don'ts and what happens if you breach the agreement. Read and understand the agreement and ask for explanations where necessary.

To learn more, contact a 4WD fleet hire company.