A Guide On How To Purchase Used Cars

Buying a used car can seem like an easy task. However, buyers must exercise caution to ensure the vehicle they purchase serves their needs. Below is a comprehensive guide on the various considerations you should make when buying a used car.  Market Research Visit a few dealers and check internet sales to know the price of the model you intend to purchase. Used vehicles are priced according to their condition, mileage, year of manufacture and extra features. [Read More]

What You Should Know When Considering 4WD Fleet Hire

When hiring a 4WD vehicle for your off-road driving requirements, you should consider several things to ensure you choose the right vehicle. Here are some of them. Ground Clearance and Type of Tyres Rough terrain usually has rocks, vegetation, uneven surfaces, muddy areas, etc. Check the distance between the ground and the stomach of the 4WD vehicle (ground clearance). How big is the distance? Choose a vehicle that is high enough to avoid damaging the lower side of the car (if you encounter raised surfaces, the vehicle's stomach might get scraped). [Read More]

Automatic Transmission Problems

The transmission system is an essential component of your car. Transmission problems could compromise the vehicle's performance. They could also lead to engine problems such as overheating. Read the extract below to understand common gearbox problems and how you can prevent them.  Overheating Your transmission fluid overheats when you overwork the transmission. For instance, this might occur if you exceed the vehicle's towing limits. People that live in hot climates may also experience this problem. [Read More]

3 Top Reasons you Need a Mechanic when Purchasing Used Cars

You have saved enough money, and now it is time to hit the dealer's lot for the car of your dreams. What do you do? Well, since you are about to spend your hard-earned cash, the last thing you want is to buy a lemon. For this reason, you must prepare well to ensure that you are buying a quality used car. Part of such preparation involves tagging a mechanic along. [Read More]